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Community shows support in honor of World Down Syndrome Day

If you noticed people wearing a lot of colorful socks around town on Monday, March 21st you weren’t seeing things.

It wasn’t a dress up day at school for homecoming or Dr. Seuss week like you may think — this time it was about supporting one of the community’s very own. The Lennox community dug out their colorful socks to help show their support for Crue Crosby. Crue Crosby and the loyal supporters of Crue’s Crew were participating in “Rock Your Socks” for World Down Syndrome Day.

Crue Crosby, son of Amy and Blake Crosby, was born with Down Syndrome. Amy is a nurse and Blake is a teacher at Lennox and is also the high school wrestling coach. Blake Crosby encouraged those participating in “Rock Your Socks” day to share photos on Facebook on March 21st.

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated with socks because of the way the chromosomes look. They kind of look like “socks” when you look at them. It is also celebrated on the third month of the year because individuals diagnosed with Down Syndrome have three copies of their chromosome where most people only have two. The 21st day comes from the copy being on the 21st chromosome.

The journey for Crue has not been an easy one. Crue has spent many days in the hospital due to other health complications. Don’t let that fool you though, Crue is truly a little warrior and hasn’t let anything keep him down for long. Even though the journey has not been as easy as one could hope, the family and Crue have a whole Crew behind them ready to rock their socks and help in any way they can.


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