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Community rallies around Ford Family after devastating house fire

In the early hours of last Thursday morning, tragedy struck the Aaron and Cassie Ford family as a devastating house fire on West 3rd Street in Lennox resulted in the loss of their home and severe injuries to two family members. 

According to a GoFundMe page established by Cassie Ford’s sister, Tana Wahl, the father and husband, Aaron, along with their youngest daughter, Elizabeth, suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation. Both were airlifted to a burn center in Minneapolis, facing a challenging road to recovery. The other three children and Cassie managed to escape without injury. 

The fire was reported and extinguished around 4:00 a.m.

In the wake of this devastating event, a GoFundMe page has been set up to assist with medical expenses, travel costs, lodging, and other essential needs — The family will face significant financial challenges with no income from work during the recovery period.

If you would like to support the Ford Family, gift cards of any sort would be very much appreciated as well. Gift cards to stores have the flexibility of providing household items, personal care, clothing, and/or groceries. 

A list has been provided of specific clothing sizes and needs. It is as follows:

Aaron—Shirts/tops (men’s L/XL); sweatpants/pjs (L); jeans (34x32); shoes (9.5 or 10 men’s); winter coat (XL); socks; electric beard trimmer; winter accessories (beanie/gloves)

Cassie—Shirts/tops (women XS); sweatpants/pjs (XS/S); jeans (size 0-long); shoes (size 7 women’s); winter coat (S); socks; winter accessories (beanie/gloves); Things Cassie enjoys—Thriller/Mystery books (ex. Stephen King), puzzles, board games

Lincoln (17 years old)—Shirts/tops (men’s S/M); sweatpants/pjs (M); jeans (29x34); shoes (size 10 men’s); socks; boxer briefs (small/medium); winter accessories (beanie/gloves); men’s wrestling shoes (10 or 10.5); wrestling headgear; knee pad/brace (for wrestling); Things Lincoln enjoys — Vikings, Playstation games

Molly (15 years old) — Shirts/tops (women’s S/M); sweatpants/pjs pants (M); jeans (size 2); shoes (size 7 women’s); socks; winter accessories (beanie/gloves); Things Molly enjoys—crocheting, The Corpse Bride, music

Lillian (11 years old)—Shirts/tops (girls’ 14/16); sweatpants/pj pants (girls’ 14/16); jeans (14/16); shoes/snowboots (girls size 4); socks; winter accessories (beanie/gloves); Things Lilly enjoys—Nintendo Switch games, anime

Elizabeth (10 years old)—Shirts/tops (girls’ 14/16); sweatpants/pj pants (girls’ 14/16); jeans (14/16); shoes/snowboots (girls size 4); socks; winter accessories (beanie/gloves); Things Elizabeth enjoys—The Great Pet Heist & The Great Vandal Scandal (Books by Emily Ecton), nail polish, hair accessories. 

Items can be dropped off at 46448 279th St., Lennox, SD 57039. This is also the preferred mailing address for cards. E-gift cards and words of encouragement/support can be sent to

The family thanks everyone for their generosity. They have felt the love received from their fellow community, family, and friends in their time of need.


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