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Commissioners greenlights liquor license, infrastructure projects

The Lincoln County Commission met Tuesday, March 5 in the Lincoln County Boardroom. Commissioners heard agenda items including on-sale liquor licenses, change orders and payment estimates.

Deputy Auditor, Cristen Standley requested board action to consider an application off for a temporary on-sale liquor license to operate outside the municipality for The Good Earth Farm, LLC for a special event to occur on April 26. 

“This item was originally on the February 13 agenda; however it had some missing information that has now been corrected. The Good Earth Farm LLC currently holds a Wine License RW-27455 and Malt Beverage License RB-27353. Per SDCL 35-4-124, a public hearing is not required because the applicant holds a license pursuant to 35-4-2. We have had similar applications in the past. Approval is required from the commission for the temporary sale of liquor for their event,” Standley said. 

Motion approved. 

Commission Admin Officer, Steve Rasmussen requested board action to approve a change order to the agreement with Spielman for the old jail demolition project. 

“As you know, we awarded the RFP for demolition of several buildings within the county. One is the jail demolition project across the street, they’re making good progress on that. As part of the RFP, they are required to bring in fill dirt after the foundation’s removed and grade it. We had a meeting with the City of Canton and we proposed the idea to them that we would like to have an off street parking facility. They liked the idea, so in anticipation of that, we’ll be doing some engineering down the road and putting in an asphalt parking lot. In the meantime, we wanted to put in 12 inches of gravel so we’ll have a good foundation and have some parking temporarily over there,” he said. 

Motion approved.

Rasmussen also requested board action to approve an agreement with Speilman Excavating for demolition and excavation at the Lincoln County Justice Center site. 

“We did get three bids on this particular project, this is the Lincoln County Justice Center. There were prior owners at the Kroger property, we have an out building as well as a foundation and as well as a residential property at the time with a septic tank. All of this needs to be removed and we put in additional fill so that it’s graded and ready for the Justice Center’s construction in the spring,” he said. 

Motion approved.

Paul Anderson from the Commission Office joined the meeting to request board action to approve change order #1 for AIP #3-46-0078-021-2023 that reduces project costs by $41,504. 

“The first item is a change order that reduces the overall project for the north apron project. Approving this change order today, we sign it and send it over and that reduces the total project cost to $690,505.50,”he said. 

Motion approved.

Anderson also requested board action to approve partial payment estimate 3 for AIP #3-46-0078-021-2023. 

“This is approving a payment of $51,098.91 for this project. This project is reimbursed at a 95 per cent rate.90 per cent of the money comes from Federal money and five per cent from state grant money,” he said. 

Motion approved.


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