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City releases Fourth of July traffic notice

The city has released a traffic notice for the Old Fashioned 4th of July that welcomes visitors back in town for the holiday while helping those who may not be familiar with current Lennox traffic conditions.

Due to road construction on Boynton Avenue and South Main Street, the city is suggesting people coming to enjoy the holiday celebrations use alternate routes. Those routes are marked by the green arrows on the graphic that is paired with this story.

There is no change being made to the parade route, and visitors will be able to access town on the new routes before and after the parade, the release said. The city recommends being in town well before the scheduled start time of the parade, which is 10:30 a.m.

“If you are coming to Lennox from I-29, please note that there are two Lennox exits available (Exit 68 on the north, and Exit 64 on the south). Both exits are very quick routes to Lennox, and we recommend using the south exit as an alternate to cut down on traffic congestion.”


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