City of Lennox COVID-19 Plan

Friday, March 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM

COVID-19 Response Plan

Community Plan

The City encourages the public to limit social interactions, use proper handwashing and excellent hygiene to limit spread of disease The City encourages local businesses, organizations, and faith-based communities to take precautions to limit spread of disease, and follow CDC guidance on continuing business operations The City will work with Lincoln County Emergency Management and the South Dakota Department of Health when and if the Emergency Operations Plan is activated The City encourages community groups and organizations to postpone events and large gatherings until further notice The City encourages residents to take common sense precautions to limit social interaction, such as limiting non-essential trips to counties with known confirmed cases of Coronavirus, including Sioux Falls.

Continuity of Operations:  Continuing to provide critical services – such as sanitary sewers, drinking water, law enforcement and EMS during this pandemic remains a top priority for the City of Lennox.  While reported cases in South Dakota remain limited, the City is adopting the following plans:

Until a case of Coronavirus is confirmed in Lennox:


o   Front Desk personnel will use gloves for all public interactions, such as taking payments for utilities or other services.

o   Work stations, restrooms, counters, and door handles will be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe or solution each evening.

o   Encourage the public to pay utility bills or other fees online or over the phone.  Individuals needing assistance in doing so should contact City Hall at 605.647.2286

Public Works

o   Limit close contact with members of the public during your work day.

o   Vehicle handles, steering wheels, building doors, work stations, will be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe or solution each evening


o   Masks, goggles, and gloves will be worn on all medical calls until further notice

o   Ambulances will be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe or solution after each call

o   Ambulances transporting suspected cases of Coronavirus will remove the vehicle from service for a minimum of two hours.  Upon completion of the two hour time, the ambulance will be disinfected.

o   Order disinfection and infection control/PPE supplies to ensure availability for each department

o   No riders or extra personnel will be allowed on calls unless requested for critical care


o   Gloves will be worn on each stop or service call

o   Work stations and patrol vehicles will be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe or solution after each shift

o   Officers will respond only to medical calls that involve trauma or need immediate life-saving measures.  In such instances, responding officers will use gloves and masks


o   The Lennox Community Library is closed to the public until further notice

Parks and Recreation

o   Current planning for recreation programs will continue

o   The Lennox Swimming Pool opening will remain on-schedule

Senior Center

o   The City of Lennox will immediately close the Lennox Senior Center to the public.  Meals will continue to be home delivered.

Building Permits/Inspections

o   Inspections will continue as planned. Personnel will utilize gloves in conducting all inspections.

Public Meetings and Events

Summer Sign-Up – This event has been cancelled.  An online event will be explored. Election Day – Election Day on April 14 will continue as planned.  Voters will wash or sanitize hands upon entering City Hall and upon completion of voting.  Voting stations, pens, and tables will be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe or solution after each vote.  City Council and Planning Commission Meetings.  City Council and Planning Commission meetings will continue as scheduled.  However, residents are encouraged to attend these meetings virtually through the City’s live streaming service on YouTube.  Residents wishing to speak during public comment are encouraged to submit statements or comments in advance to be read on their beha