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Chuck’s Drive-In open for business

When it comes to small towns everyone loves to have a place to talk about that is unique to their hometown and now Lennox has just the place. Chuck’s Drive-In is the newest unique stop in Lennox.

The seasonal restaurant has been in Lennox for decades, however the new owner has added a “polished” finish to the building and an actual drive thru for cars. The building and property received an upgrade prior to Chuck’s opening this past month. Along with the drive thru, the property now has a concrete parking lot. The building also received a face lift, the drive thru on the North side, and a refreshed look to the walk-up on the West side of the building. Customers can still enjoy eating inside the restaurant, and it will be much cooler now with an upgraded and working air conditioner.

Owner Rob Huber wanted to bring life back into the building and create something that Lennox could be proud of again. Huber is originally from Freeman and has owned the location for seven years. When taking ownership of the business this time Huber wanted to make sure that things were done right. They have taken care to update the building and property, as well as add a new and exciting menu.

The three favorite items on the new menu include lamb chislic, tavern and potato salad. The lamb chislic is a regional favorite, described a lamb on a skewer that is deep fried. The lamb chislic is served with garlic salt and toast. The next item that has been a customer favorite is the tavern, or as many know it, a sloppy jo. The meat mixture is made by Huber’s former superintendent Laverne Diede. The final item that is well known is potato salad made at the Dairy Bar. There are many more items on the menu for customers to try, including ice cream.

Huber can’t thank the community enough for their support. Since opening, Huber has been twice as busy as he expected. His staff of two cooks and six employees are kept extremely busy. They are currently looking to hire more cooks, noted Huber. None of this would have been possible without the support of Lennox and the surrounding communities who are traveling to come to Chuck’s, he said.

Some might still be wondering where the name Chuck’s came from. Huber decided to name the business Chuck’s Drive-In to honor his late father -in-law who was the Athletic Director in Irene for 35 plus years. Chuck passed away from cancer almost 25 years ago. Everybody knew Chuck or Mr. G as many referred to him. Chuck would be proud of the success that Chuck’s Drive-In has had already, and is sure to have in the future.

If anyone is interested in knowing what Chuck’s has to offer, just stop by, as they will be open every day during the summer, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Chuck’s will be seasonal and close for the winter months. Chuck’s Drive-In is located at 1012 South Main Street, Lennox.


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