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ChiroSport opens in Lennox

By Wendy Sweeter

A new chiropractor has opened on Main Street.

Luke Loecker opened a ChiroSport location in Lennox at the end of October. The O’Neill, NE native spent his undergraduate years at Mount Marty University before completing his doctorate in chiropractic in Bloomington, MN in April.

Loecker did his internship with the Sioux Falls-based ChiroSport before they hired him full-time. He had been working as an associate at their Sioux Falls and Brandon locations before they asked him to look into opening a location south of Sioux Falls. 

“I did some research, looked at population, other chiros in town and said I want to join. I want to be part of the community. It seemed like a good fit,” Loecker said.

He is familiar with the Lennox area because his fiancée is from Parker. He likes the location and the area.

After looking at various buildings in Lennox and even debating about building a location, ChiroSport settled on the building previously occupied by Circle of Courage. They are renting the front half of the building that ends up being about a thousand square feet with room for a reception area, treatment room, decompression room, office and therapy bay.

They made quite a few changes to the space that was mostly open space before remodeling. They added walls and electrical updates. They also had some stability issues with the floor that they addressed and brought it up to code.

In addition to Sioux Falls, Brandon and now Lennox, ChiroSport also has locations in Hartford and Dell Rapids.

While athletes are a specialty for the company, Loecker said he will treat anybody who needs care. “Athletes is a specialty, but really we’re going to treat everybody that comes through the door, whether that’s kids, young babies all the way up to geriatrics and older individuals,” he said.

For the most part, Loecker will be the only person in the office to do the scheduling, phone calls and treatments.

Loecker can be reached at the ChiroSport Lennox office at 605-647-1300.

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