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Chancellor Fire Department purchases new truck

Chancellor Fire Department recently added a vehicle to their fleet. A F350 2016 with 1600 miles was purchased from an Illinois station earlier this month.

Chancellor Fire Department Chief Jeb Ford said that the new vehicle will be used for hazard response/medical response. Currently Ford said he is working with a township north of Chancellor to be able to park it that area. Ford said it would make sense for Chancellor Fire, since several of their members live near that northern township and they provide services to that area.

The money for the new truck was diverted from funds the department had been saving to purchase new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs). These are used to protect firefighters against oxygen deficiency, dust, gases and vapors.

“We save money every year for that, but thanks to a grant in Turner County that will provide for new SCBAs, we could purchase the truck,” said Ford.

Chancellor Fire Department continues to raise funds for their volunteer fire department throughout the year. One on- going fundraiser is the Chase the Joker that will start up again on January 7 at the Chancellor Bar. More information can be found about the fundraiser on the Fire Department’s Facebook page.


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