Boynton Avenue right of way evidence presented

Lennox City Council made quick work of Monday night’s agenda, wrapping up the meeting in about thirty minutes.

With no visitors to be heard, Council approved the agenda with one change — removing item H., which was an IT Services Agreement with Raztech. Following that, the consent agenda was approved.

The Consent agenda included minutes from the Nov. 22 meeting, reports from the City Administrator and City Engineer, the claims and Finance report. Under old business, Council tabled the amendment to the City’s Personnel Policies, which updated the policies to show that the Performance Evaluation is also used to determine the size of any merit increase for an individual employee. Merit increases will be awarded based on the points awarded in the employee’s annual performance evaluation. Under New business Council approved Ordinance #631, Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance. Finance Officer Denise Hanson went through the items that were over budget, the Ordinance will be published in next week’s newspaper.

Also under old business, Council was provided research and information on the Boynton Avenue Right-of-Way .