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Boomerang Rides aims to help families with transportation needs

Do you find yourself with more activities than time? Do you wish you had one more vehicle to help get your child to the next event? A new service coming to the Sioux Falls area is designed to assist your family in achieving your transportation goals while protecting your children.

Boomerang Rides, owned locally by Jo Dohrer and Kim Rome, started the company to ease the stress of shuffling schedules between home, work, and school activities by giving parents an alternative and extra set of transportation options. The rides service will go live before the start of the 2020-21 school year.

Parents will be able to view service availability, choose the driver, and book the ride though the Boomerang Rides mobile app. The app is currently in the testing phase, with service availability depending on its successful testing and completion.

“Our plan is to launch in the Sioux Falls and surrounding communities, including Tea and Lennox,” Dohrer said. “We are targeting to officially launch Boomerang before Sioux Falls schools start August 27th. However, this is dependent on our app currently in the testing phase.”

Dohrer assures each driver passes an extensive background check covering both a criminal background check, as well as a motor vehicle check to prove they have a safe driving record and no criminal history. Parents will be able to view a photo of the driver and see pictures of their vehicle, which also must pass an annual 25-point inspection for safety and reliability. Parents have the option to meet the driver before they choose.

The parent may provide explicit and detailed pick-up and drop-off instructions for each ride and will receive real-time updates as to the pick-up and drop-off steps, and additionally have the ability to monitor the ride through a map-view option for added peace of mind. Boomerang Rides also uses code-word verification with the driver and riders.

“We will be using a two-factor authentication process between driver and rider,” Dohrer said. “The parent/family will choose their own code word and the rider’s D.O.B. will be the other authenticating factor.”

The ride service is available for children ages five to 17 and will provide booster seats if needed for smaller children. Once the app is live, parents will be able to rate and comment on the driver, and read the ratings and comments the drivers post about the riders to ensure accountability and transparency.

For more information, visit to learn more about the new service. Those interested in becoming a driver, must be at least 21-years-old, must be able to pass a criminal background check, motor vehicle check, and have a vehicle with four-doors that is less than 10-years-old. Individuals may contact Jo or Kim through the website to apply.


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