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LHS top students recognized at awards night

On Monday, May 1 Honors Recognition Night was held at the Lennox High School Cafetorium. Hailey Johnke, president of the National Honor Society, began the event with a welcome.

National Honor Society Members were honored with several new inductees announced. New inductees included seniors: Andrew Daugherty, Elsie Weeldreyer; juniors: Carli Kuyper, Braxton Musser, Hailey Nelson, Noah Welch; sophomores: Natalie Andernacht, Joseph Boysen, Madison Buehner, Noah Buhta, Reanna Decker, Carter Dose, Ryan Hanssen, Zander Hazuka, Charlee Jorgensen, Emma Kilene, Lillian Meyer, Noah Sayler, and Kelsey Schmidt.

Current members include: seniors: Destiny Hofer, Hailey Johnke, Annika Kollis, Alicen Oltmanns, Cody Peterson, Courtney Sandal, Landon Slack, Jaiden Stien, Madison Stengrim, Makinleigh Wallenstein, Isabella Zimmer; juniors: Benjamin Birk, Triston Butler, Dominic DeBoer, Gunnar Geiken, Trey Gerdes, Brooklyn Glenn, Michael Hall, Dani Highum, Kaylee Hofer, Elijah Homan, William Hoppe, Kate Jackson, Kathryn Loewe, Lydia Richter, Lillian Sanchez, Cassidy Steever, Clara Stucky, Ashlee Sweeter, Karin Sweeter, Mitch VanMeeteren, Grace Veurink, and Sedrah Visscher.

Academic letters were presented.

Local scholarships were also awarded.

Earning the $250 Football Parents Scholarships were Gabe Beman, Braeden Wulf, Landon Slack, and Caden Iken.

Four $500 Fannie Hoogestraat Scholarships were awarded to Emily Plucker, Elsie Weeldreyer, Caden Iken, Hailey Johnke, and Braeden Wulf.

The Courey Family Scholarship of $14,000 ($3,500 per year) was awarded to Carter Jensen.

The Jon Richter Memorial Scholarship was given to Hailey Johnke and Bergun Moeller.

Two LHS Spirit Scholarships of $250 each were awarded to Kyah Jackson and Bergun Moeller.

The Hillman-Weaver Scholarship for $250 was given to Cailey Highum.

Two Trust and Agency Scholarships in the amount of $250 were awarded to Kaleb Van Ruler and Makinleigh Wallenstein.

The Verlyn & Mary Hofer Scholarship for $2,000 was awarded to Bella Zimmer.

Two Lennox Lions Club Community Service Scholarship for $500 each were awarded to Hailey Johnke and Braeden Wulf.

Two Lennox Commercial Club Scholarships in the amount of $500 each were awarded to Elsie Weeldreyer and Jase Langbehn.

The Lennox AAU Wrestling Scholarship in the amount of $500 was given to Jase Langbehn.

The ‘Good Time Boys’ Golf Scholarship went to Andrew Daugherty.

Brethorst-Burma American Legion Scholarship for a 2 Year school was awarded to Austin Richter and for a 4 Year school was awarded to Andrew Daugherty.

Two Lennox High School Athletic Booster Club Scholarships were given to Elsie Weeldreyer and Emily Plucker.

The Security State Bank Scholarship in the amount of $1000 was given to Elsie Weeldreyer.

The Valley Exchange Bank Scholarship of $1000 was awarded to Kyah Jackson. Two Valley Exchange Bank scholarships of $500 each were award to Braeden Wulf and Hailey Johnke.

The Exchange Insurance Agency Scholarship of $500.00 was given to Austin Richter.

Kaleb Van Ruler was the recipient of the DSU Rising Scholars in the amount of $20,000 ($5,000 Annually); and the DSU Elite Champion Scholarship in the amount of $14,000 ($3,500 Annually).

Makinleigh Wallenstein received the Sioux Empire Homebuilders Care Foundation Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

William Jacobson was awarded the Build Dakota Scholarship for Welding at Southeast Tech.

Sawyer Bowers was awarded the Build Dakota Scholarship for Electrical Construction & Maintenance.

Austin Strasser was awarded the Build Dakota Scholarship for Precision Ag Technology.

The Academic Top Birds and Valedictorian and Salutatorian were also honored at the event.


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