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Commissioners hear discussion from Roads Taskforce

The Lincoln County Commission met Tuesday, March 28, in the Lincoln County Boardroom. All members of the Commission were present.

Adam Walsh with the Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation joined the meeting to present and discuss the Roads Taskforce.

“We started this in Harrisburg a few years ago to look at improving safety areas, less congestion and opportunities for growth and development around our infrastructure in Harrisburg hoping with that we can have safer places for our kids to travel as they go to school, ease of getting to work and recreational areas in Harrisburg,” Walsh said.

Growth and development have continued to rise over the past four years.

“A lot of that growth can be attributed to the school district, as Harrisburg grows, so does the school district, and when you see that, development grows around it,” Walsh added.

Safe routes to school are a primary concern for the group.

“We don’t have a financial ask today from Lincoln County, but we do ask that you continue to support us and at some point come along side us to be a part of this study as we look to finalize what the implications are,” Walsh said.

The Commission thanked Walsh for the update and agreed they would be of assistance if needed down the road.

Alexandra McLouth joined the meeting to discuss a potential On-Off Sale Malt Beverage, a South Dakota Wine license and a Wine and Cider License for Prosper County Warehouse & Event Hall.

Commissioner Jim Schmidt asked if there were any background checks for the applicant. The Commission was advised that all background checks were completed as normal for the request.

The business will be in Lennox and has a tentative opening date of June. With no opposition, motion passed.

John Rombough, Building Superintendent joined the meeting to get approval for a purchase of a riding autoscrubber for Building and Grounds. Rombough recommends going with the Minuteman Micro Rider for $8,526.95. Motion approved.

Rombough requested Commission approval to request quotes for the demolition of county property at 47010 Airport Place in Tea. With no opposition, motion passed.

Human Resources Director, Traci Humphrey joined the meeting to have the Commission approve the creation of a new Commission Assistant position and transfer the current Commission Clerk to that position.

According to the position summary, the Commission Administrative Officer would be performing a variety of administrative functions, managing schedules, accurately managing data and creating and compiling correspondence, reports, public relations communications and forms. Motion carried.


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