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City Council approves ordinance for single-family housing, existing acreages

The Lennox City Council met Monday, March 27 in the City Hall boardroom to discuss agenda items brought before them.

Chief of Police, Will Ericksen joined the meeting again to discuss an emergency purchase exception for the Lennox Police Department to purchase one 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe from Karl Emergency Vehicles in Des Moines, Iowa for $40,997.00.

In the last meeting, the Council asked Ericksen to look into lease options and report back his findings.

“As the Council requested, I did some research on if these vehicles could be leased out, and I was able to find some information that they are something that we could potentially lease in the future. However, with the interest rates being as high as they are right now, most everyone that I’ve talked to up to this point, had recommended that we wait until a later date to pursue that avenue,” Ericksen said.

Ericksen asked the Council to proceed with the original emergency purchase of the Tahoe as proposed.

The current turn over for police vehicles is five years. Motion approved to make an emergency purchase of a Tahoe and the purchase of a Police Outfitting Package from Karl Emergency Vehicle.

City Administrator, Nate Vander Plaats presented Ordinance 634 to the City Council. The ordinance will make allowances for new types of single family housing and accommodates existing acreages in the community as it expands.

“These types of residential uses typically come with large outbuildings on larger tracts of land, and resemble a more rural nature. However, many of these developments desire access to urban services and utilities,” said Vander Plaats. “Current ordinances do not clearly make allowances for these types of developments or uses, even as demand for these uses increases significantly. Second, as the community expands its municipal boundaries, it will eventually begin to annex existing acreages and farms. As this happens, it is important to allow the existing uses to continue as long as is practical and until the property is either subdivided or further developed,” he continued.

This annex would allow the existing acreages to continue to operate as they did prior to annexation.

“The Lennox Planning Commission endorsed its passage at their meeting, and we recommend approval,” Vander Plaats added.

The Council agreed to discuss the idea further in executive session.

After returning from executive session, the Council agreed to pass Ordinance 634.


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