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Board of Mental Illness members appointed

The county commission met on Jan. 4 to discuss financing options and hiring of a project manager for building projects, annual board appointments, appointing legal newspapers, official depositories, Chattel Mortgage Sale location, Board of Mental Illness members, authorizing County officials to attend educational conferences, fees for precinct election officials, appointing a designee to request resources from South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Wildland Fire Division, schedule and advertise public hearings, 2022 Union County Jail Contract, 2022 Sioux Falls Humane Society contract, surplus and trade, Right-of-Way and Utility Certificates, and abatement of property taxes.

On Tuesday, commissioners held a work-session/discussion regarding financing options and hiring of a project manager for building projects. Tom Grimmond presented current market trends and interest rates for the courthouse and jail building projects. Commissioners will discuss adding a building project manager on a future agenda.

Next, the board action on annual board appointments was passed and will remain the same as the previous year.

Commissioners appointed the Sioux Valley News, Lennox Independent, Tea Weekly and the Argus Leader as legal newspapers for Lincoln County. The board passed a motion to continue to advertise with Beresford Republic but will not appoint this paper as a legal newspaper due to issues in 2021.

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