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Lennox Council seeks input from citizens on street plan

Last week Lennox City Council hosted three open houses to discuss the condition of the city streets and the cost to repair and maintain them. Representatives from Stockwell Engineering were on hand to talk to residents about the findings of recent investigations as well as to receive input on how future projects should be funded.

Infographics were displayed at the meetings on Lennox 2035, which is the 15 year infrastructure planning initiative (graphics can be found on page 2 of this week’s paper).

Lennox City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats said that the meetings were really an effort to get feedback.

“Residents have said the streets are terrible, but the next step is what does it take to get from acceptable to exceptional,” he said.

Vander Plaats said they will also be putting a survey together to send out to residents. He said they wanted to share the information with the community and then ask, “what is this worth to you.”

The investigation on street conditions has been ongoing, information from Stockwell Engineers showed that $11,374,000 has been invested in the city street and underground infrastructure, but another $25,951,000 is needed for the unimproved streets. According to the plan only 18% of Lennox streets are considered in excellent condition.

Fifty-three-percent of the city streets are considered in poor condition.

Council will now evaluate the data and develop a strategy for how the street and underground infrastructure improvements will be funded. Options for funding include: grants; second penny; annual maintenance fee — billed annually to each property owner within City limits per frontage of each lot, used to fund street crack sealing, slurry sealing, mill and asphalt overlay projects; special assessments — billed only upon completion of project to the adjacent property owners, used to fund street construction projects like curb and gutter, asphalt and sidewalks.

Their timeline shows that council will evaluate through September 2020, with plan development to follow October to December 2020. Execution of the plan, design and construction, is slated for the year 2021 through 2035.

At right is a graphic that shows the known water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer issues throughout the community. Vander Plaats encourages residents to let him know if there are other problem areas they are aware of.

Vander Plaats would also like citizens to voice their opinions on funding for the street plan. Residents are invited to call (647-2286), stop in, email ( or message the City of Lennox on Facebook.

Below are graphics that show the current street conditions and below at right, the recommended maintenance schedule.

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