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City elections to be held in Lennox, Worthing

There will be city elections this year in Lennox and Worthing.

In Lennox, running for Mayor will be Tracy West, Greg Poppenga and Stacy Duchene. Billy Welch will run up-opposed for Ward 1. Brett Wynja and Bill Daughtery will be vying for Ward 2. Chad Reilly, John Fischer and Bobbi Jo Wendt will be running for Ward 3.

In Worthing, Joe Weisenbach and James Miles will be running for the open City Commission seat previously held by John Ganschow.

Elections in Lennox and Worthing will be held April 14, 2020. Watch this newspaper for more details.

There will be no school board election this year in Lennox School District 41-4. Only three petitions were turned in for three open seats on the board. Those turning in petitions were Heidi Bowers, Melissa Daugherty and Scott Sandal.

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