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Welcome to 2020!

This week’s issue celebrates the New Year with some great resolutions from our area students. I found many of them to be very inspirational! I too, would like to put, “Go to Florida” on my resolution list. To all the teachers and students who sent those in, thank you. Also in this issue you can read an update on the Lennox Elementary school construction project (page 2) and the first in a series of articles on mental health (page 6) provided by the school counselors. You can also read the latest from the Worthing Commissioners (page 2). Due to early deadlines, a report from the Lennox Council meeting held Dec. 30 will be in next week’s paper. We look forward to bringing you the latest in local news and sports coverage this year. If you have any story ideas, be sure to let us know — email

As always, thanks for reading!

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