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Lennox Elementary construction continues

Construction on the Lennox Elementary building continues to progress.

Foreman Bob Kurtenbach with Visions Group says they are about a week behind schedule, however, he thinks it will be easy to catch up.

“Once we get the floors in, it’s going to go pretty fast. We already have most of the framing up on this north half here, so it’s really going to progress pretty fast,” Kurtenbach said. “As soon as we get electrical rough in and we’ve got some penetrations for our duct work to run through, then we’ll get inspection and then we’ll start Sheetrock.”

Phase 1 of the project is expected to be completed by June. The first phase includes all of the first grade through third grade classrooms, resource, Title and special education rooms and computer labs. Once they have construction complete on phase 1, they will move classrooms from the existing school and begin demolition on the west end of the current school.

“As soon as they’re done in June, We’ve got a crew of people that are going to come and move everything that’s in the classrooms to the new classrooms and get it out of their way so they can get in,” said superintendent Chad Conaway.

When phase 1 is complete, they will still be a three-section K-4 building. Once phase 2 is finished, they will be a four-section K-4 building.

By mid-December, they were waiting on windows to come in before they could Sheetrock anything in the north section, which has the roof completed and heating. Windows should arrive this month.

Kurtenbach expected the remainder of the roof to be on before Christmas. Once that is on, they could start heating the south portion of the project. Once that was heated, they could begin pouring concrete in that section.

Kurtenbach noted it pays to have a good mason to work with.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of masons in my time and this one is by far the best. It helps because then we get done faster,” he said.

In the new building, the new main entrance for the elementary will be located next to the current music room. The current computer room will be remodeled into administrative offices and will be a secure entrance. The entrance by the cafeteria will remain for events and for visitors to the district office.

The new building also features common learning spaces in larger open areas, mainly located near the bathrooms. Sinks will be on the outside of the bathrooms and lockers will line the hallways.

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