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New buses arrive for Lennox Community Transit

The new buses for Lennox Community Transit have arrived.

On Monday, Dec. 9, 2019 keys to the new 30 passenger bus and 12 passenger bus with two wheelchair spaces and lift were handed over to Gene Valentien, director for Lennox Community Transit.

It was nearly three years ago that the Lennox Community Transit put in their request for the new buses. Eighty-percent of the cost of the new vehicles is covered by the federal government and the remaining comes from fund-raising efforts of the community, as well as several grants that Lennox Community Transit received.

The new 30 passenger bus cost approximately $97,000. This vehicle will be primarily used for school kids. The 12 passenger bus was approximately $70,000 and has two wheelchair spaces and a lift. This vehicle will be used in Worthing quite a bit for preschool said Valentien. Both vehicles came equipped with cameras inside and out, as required by the federal government.

The Lennox Community Transit vehicles transport children to school, seniors to the Senior Center, or citizens to dental and medical clinics, hair salons, grocery stores, drug stores, and other appointments in Lennox, Worthing, Sioux Falls, Canton and Tea, all in a safe and affordable manner.

Valentien expressed his appreciation for the generosity of the community. “How nice is it that the community saw the need for the buses and supported it with their donations and memorials. What a wonderful thing to see,” said Valentien. “We had the money to just give them the check.”

The new vehicles were sorely needed, Valentien said.

The old 18 passenger bus will be sold.

If citizens are in need of the Lennox Community Transit Service, one can call 605-496-4069 to schedule a ride.

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