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Lennox Council talks construction updates

City Engineer Mitch Mergen presented the engineer’s report last week to Lennox Council. His first update was on the Central Basin Project Phase 2. His report stated, “At this time, all streets have a bottom lift of asphalt in place and all driveways have been constructed. Remaining asphalt work includes the toplift of asphalt along 4th Ave. from Cedar Street to Main Ave. and toplift on Cedar Street from 4th to 3rd Ave. Portions of streets where there is no access will be closed for the winter. Those areas include a half of block of Cedar Street south of 3rd and a quarter block of Juniper from 4th Ave. to the north. Over the next several weeks the Contractor will continue to work towards completing the toplift of asphalt, constructing sidewalks, placing topsoil in the boulevards and installing permanent mailboxes.” Council discussed the need to get as much done as possible before winter weather sets in. Mergen said that Stockwell’s office will continue to monitor the Contractor’s work.

PHOTO: Monday, Nov. 18, 2019 at the intersection of South Elm Street and West Fourth Avenue looking east. Thermal blankets line the median as contractors continue to work to complete sidewalks in the area of Central Basin Phase 2. Contractors will do as much as they can while weather holds.

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