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Northern Plains Lumber opens second location in Worthing

Northern Plains Lumber, based in Beresford, bought its second location in June on the west side of Worthing.

Owners Tim Doyle and Carl Serck bought Northern Plains Lumber in May 2018. Prior to that, the business was operated by other owners as Homestead Building Supply. And before that, it had been numerous other names, but the business has operated as a lumberyard since the late 1800s.

Serck said the chance to grow their business brought them to Worthing.

“A bulk of our business is Sioux Falls. That was part of the goal was to get closer to Sioux Falls to better serve that market, but the other thing was room,” Serck said. “We’ve kind of grown out of the location in Beresford so we needed an additional location with more room.”

Before they bought Northern Plains Lumber, Serck grew up in Hudson and worked as a manufacturer’s rep for a roofing company before working at Homestead Building Supply for five years.

Doyle started working as a manufacturer’s rep for different building supply companies in 1985. He started working at Homestead Building Supply about the same time Serck did. Doyle has lived in Canton for about 30 years.

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