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Lennox Council sees draft of Comprehensive Plan

Lennox City Council held their final regular meeting for October. After approval of the agenda, the Council held a public hearing for the City of Lennox Comprehensive Plan. The Steering committee for the Comprehensive Plan includes: Alan Rops – Lennox School District/Rural Representative, Billy Welch – Lennox City Council, Brock Rops – Lennox City Council, Chad Wulf – Lennox City Council, Chad Conaway – Lennox School District, David Strasser – Rural Representative, Niki Wagner – Lennox P&Z Commission, Richard Shriever – Community Representative, Sandy Poppenga – Lennox School District, Darin Olson – Lennox P&Z Commission, Frank Jacobson – Lennox P&Z Commission, Joe Kidd – Lennox P&Z Commission, Kim Poppenga-Smith – Community Representative, Tim Odland – Lennox Building Inspector.

An overview of the Comprehensive plan states: The Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for specific anticipated land-use and growth management policies and recommendations. It is designed to be a dynamic and flexible process to accommodate the changing needs of a population, yet steady enough to allow for reasonable long-term investment strategies by both public and private sectors.

Mayor Tracy West said, “I think a lot of good work went into the development of this plan… our plan dovetails very well with the County’s plan.”

The three primary purposes of the document, were listed as: 1. To address the planning requirements of state law while also providing a sound and logical basis for growth management strategies. 2. To provide some predictability about the potential land uses and timing of development so that both public and private sectors can make informed decisions in the area of real estate and capital investments. 3. To provide the Planning Commission and City Council with policies for future planning decisions and the methods and justification to control land use through the zoning and subdivision ordinance, the capital improvements program, and other enforcement controls. The complete 64 page document can be viewed online at or on the city of Lennox website.

Minutes of the previous meeting and claims were approved.

Audrea Buller provided a written report on the community library to the council. Lennox City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats read the report, noting the Library will be closed on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11 and will close Thanksgiving Thursday for the weekend. It was also noted that after school engagement has been picking up some with the STEM items that are offered.

Lennox Area Ambulance Director Alan Perry provided an ambulance report. The total number of calls are 340 year to date. Perry also talked about patient surveys that they are collecting. He answered a question from Councilman Chad Riley on collections. Perry said they are also working on collection for outstanding balances. Finance Officer Denise Hanson said they are working with an agency.

Under old business, council approved the first reading of Ordinance 600: Requiring Internal Controls for Non-Profit Expenditures. The ordinance from the Oct. 15 meeting has been revised with the two following clauses: The requirement will apply to non-profits which have or are projected to receive over $5000 in public funds. Those organizations may include: Lennox Area Development Corporation, Lennox Volunteer Fire Department, Health Pool of South Dakota, Lewis and Clark Regional Water System, Lincoln County Economic Development. The requirement also makes clear that this will apply to non-profits that are organized under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code, or those that have incorporated as a non-profit corporation with the State of South Dakota.

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