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New postmaster takes charge in Lennox

Denise Gartner moved to South Dakota from Colorado this summer and started in the role of postmaster in Lennox July 20.

Gartner grew up in upstate New York in a small town 20 miles south of Buffalo.

She started her postal career as a carrier in Longmont, CO, in 1998. Then she became a rural carrier supervisor in Longmont. She went on to become supervisor in Fort Collins, Commerce City and Arvada in Colorado.

Gartner found her way to Lennox because she and her husband have family in Yankton. Her husband grew up in Crofton, NE.

“The move here got us very close to his family and made it so mine is in a day’s drive as opposed to two and a half,” she said.

Currently, she is living at her brother-in-law’s home in Yankton and commuting to Lennox. Her husband remained behind in Colorado to sell their house.

“We had talked about moving. The opportunity arose to be able to apply for a position before we were really ready to go. We just put the cart before the horse,” Gartner said.

She appreciates the hospitality she has been shown so far in Lennox.

“Everyone here has been wonderful. Everyone keeps saying, aren’t you going to get bored. I did go from a higher level office, but I technically have four offices that I’m responsible for,” she said. “I’m enjoying myself, working with customers and being able to have the time to spend I need with them and the employees.”

Gartner is responsible for Lennox, Worthing, Chancellor and Davis. She has 10 employees out of the Lennox facility and one each in Worthing, Davis and Chancellor.

She tries to get around to all four offices about once a week to once every two weeks.

Gartner said she enjoys small towns and looks forward to meeting the people in the area.

“I like the small town life and the ability to enjoy the people around you,” she said.

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