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Lennox School Board approves minor boundary change between Lennox and Tea Area School Districts

Lennox School Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a minor boundary change between the Lennox School District and the Tea Area School District on Monday night.

The land to be moved into the Tea Area District includes Stone Lake Prop LLC (next to Burma Addition), with an assessed valuation of $307,501; Wallenstein land (located within the TASD across near the high school), valuation of $390,551; and Game Fish Park land (next to the Wallenstein parcel) with a valuation of $0—for a total assessed valuation of $698,052.

In return, the land to be moved into Lennox School District would be parcels of land located south of Tea, four of those parcels owned by Poppens LLC, with a valuation of $1,606,924; Neeman parcel, valuation of $99,796; and Herman parcel, with a valuation of $304,944—for a total assessed valuation of $2,011,664. (See map at right).

It is expected that the Stone Lake Prop LLC will become a housing development.

Superintendent Chad Conaway explained that once the MOU has been approved by both school boards, he and Dr. Lowry (the Tea Area District Superintendent) will put together the legal inquiries to initiate a certified appraisal, after which there will be a public hearing. There will be a 30 day waiting period, during which time it could be challenged by voters. If not challenged, the boards will be able to move forward with the proposal.

This MOU was also approved by the Tea Area School Board at their Monday night meeting.

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