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Lennox City Council meetings broadcast live

Lennox City Council meetings will be broadcast live and recorded starting this week.

Earlier this year the city council approved installing a new camera and microphone system to allow residents to view city council and other meetings live or view a recorded version later.

The first meeting to be recorded is scheduled to be the Special Meeting on September 4 at 5:30 p.m. Videos will be available on the City’s YouTube channel at

Wednesday’s special meeting was scheduled to present the final draft of the 2020 budget prior to the Sept. 9 regular meeting.

Several posts on the social media platform, Facebook, circulated last week in regards to the funding for the Lennox Volunteer Fire Department. The proposed budget on the City of Lennox website shows two versions for the upcoming year, one option provides $70,000 and the second option provides $55,000 for the fire department. The 2019 budget for the fire department was $106,000, however $31,000 of that was reduced from their budget later in the year to be used for funding in the Spring Thaw Asphalt Street Repair project.

Watch next week’s newspaper for a follow-up, the link to meeting will also be posted on the newspaper website at

NOTE: if you receive the Video unavailable message above — just click the the — "Watch this video on YouTube." Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.

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