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Unique animal adopted by local man

Exit 68 has a unique view; as drivers head northbound from the Lennox exit, there’s a peaceful farm with grazing alpacas, goats and a camel. That’s right, a camel! Dan Tammen recently adopted this unique animal to add to his menagerie.

Tammen is a Lennox High School graduate and works for the township. In his free time though, he enjoys time at his farm. The farm place has been in the family for years, as his dad was born on the farm. Although he doesn’t farm now, he does enjoy raising his livestock. He got started with alpacas and then he said one thing led to another. Along with the goats, alpacas and camel, he also has a variety of chickens and ducks.

His newest addition, and perhaps the most unusual, is a single hump camel named Precious. Tammen was contacted by a petting zoo near Tyndall, SD, where the owner was looking to re-home the camel. He asked if Tammen would be interested. The camel was born with deformed front legs, and she doesn’t have hooves in the front.

That fact didn’t scare away Tammen though, he said, “I figure she’s already five years old and seems to get along okay.”

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