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Lennox Pool Committee seeks donations

Lennox area residents will be receiving a donation form in their utility bills. What the letter will request is donations for the Lennox swimming pool amenities. If utility bills are paperless, residents will receive a letter with just the donation form. The form is being mailed this week.

The Lennox Pool Committee on behalf of the Lennox Park and Recreation Advisory Board is seeking donations for the Lennox Family Fun Center Pool Project. The form states that the generosity of donors will make possible the purchase of several amenities and necessary pieces of equipment, such as life and safety supplies, play structures, umbrellas, lounge chairs, and several other necessities of operating a local pool. The committee wants potential donors to consider aiding in this project and remember that it will benefit the community for years to come.

The Tax-Deductible Donation Amount and Designation is broken down into the following categories: Visionary $10,000 – Newspaper Recognition, Lifelong Admission for Immediate Family, Donor Wall/feature, Potential Amenity Naming rights; Partner $5,000 - Newspaper Recognition, Brick Donor Walkway; Mentor $1,000 –Newspaper Recognition, Brick Donor Walkway; Sponsor $500 – Newspaper Recognition, Brick Donor Walkway; Supporter $250 – Newspaper Recognition, Brick Donor Walkway; Friend $100 – Newspaper Recognition and Other.

Checks can be made payable to “Lennox Pool Fund.” Payment may be mailed along with your completed form to Lennox Community Pool c/o City of Lennox, 107 South Main St., PO Box 228, Lennox, SD 57039

For questions or to set up a meeting to discuss potential sponsorship, please contact: Britney Mower 605-380-3405.

Donations made to the Lennox Pool Project will be utilized for the pool project only. The Pool Advisory Board will apply all donations to the purchase of amenities and necessary pieces of equipment that benefit the pool project. As a donation to a state political subdivision, your monetary contribution is tax-deductible under current established IRS guidelines, as the donation will be used solely for public benefit.

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