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Kidz Cottage ready to care for kids

Kidz Cottage opened its doors at the end of May in the old Birds Nest location on Main Street south of Highway 44.

Owner Kalie Hanisch and her husband, Josh, have done a lot of work to the building. They have repainted every classroom, laid new flooring, gone through toys and gotten new furniture.

They will also be expanding the infant room, adding a secure door to the entrance and installing a new camera system with more cameras.

Besides making some changes to the building, Hanisch is also making some changes to what the children experience every day.

“We do a learning program with every class here, even with the infants. We do letters, numbers, colors. We also do art projects and sensory almost every day,” she said.

They do circle time every day. They also go outside every day and do water play. When the pool opens next year, Hanisch expects that they will take trips to the pool too.

The childcare center is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. They are state licensed to have 51 children from infants through 12 years old. They have a staff of seven.

Hanisch describes her staff as family. She strives to have consistency for the children in their care.

“Each classroom has a full-time teacher in it, same teacher every day. All my teachers work Monday through Friday so it’s the same consistency for the kids. When we get in more kids, we’ll be adding more staff,” she said.

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