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Lennox High School play this week

Lennox High School is proud to present Winnie the Pooh on Thursday, May 2nd at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 4th at 3:30 p.m. Come and see all of your favorite characters as they go on an adventure in the 100 Acre Woods.

The always lovable Winnie the Pooh (Austin Metivier) is on yet another quest for his favorite food, honey. His best friends Piglet (Grace Dulka) and Christopher Robin (Cooper Benning) are ever by his side offering sage advice and trying to keep him out of trouble. But when a dangerous new animal, Kanga (Portia Bird) is threatening the peacefulness of the forest, all of the animals must rally together to save one another from a terrible fate.

Additional cast members include Rabbit (Madisyn Grim), Eeyore (Makyah Seguin), Owl (Caitlin George), Roo (Amanni Davis), Tigger (Ashlynn Rust) and a cast of small animals including the fox (Madeline Loewe), the skunk (Josie Stucky), and two little rabbits (Destiny Blackford and Alexis Lunstra). Tech crew includes Isaac Gundvaldson and Gemma Sanchez. The student director is Britain Smith.

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