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Lennox Mayor thanks crew for work during recent rain event

Visitors spoke to the Lennox Council on March 25 regarding sewer backup in their basements. Two Lennox residents on South Blaine expressed concern about the recurring problem in the neighborhood, noting the lack of warning.

Utilities Superintendent Jeremy Gulbranson said there will be improved notice with the cloud based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that the City of Lennox has budgeted for this year. SCADA systems provide alarming, logging, trending, and operator interface functions.

Gulbranson said that he will set a limit at the lift station and the SCADA system will keep staff notified. He said they are also working on a plan to have extra resources to address problems that may arrise.

City administrator Nate Vander Plaats added, “We’re putting in as many fail-safes as we can.”

The Council approved the minutes of the previous meeting and claims. Council also moved the April 22 meeting from Easter Monday to Tuesday, April 23.

Under reports, Vander Plaats updated the council on hiring, stating he is interviewing applicants for the Seasonal Groundskeeper position and he also hopes to hire for the Rubble Site attendant. Applications are being accepted for the two currently advertised positions — Streets Foreman/Forewoman and Seasonal Activities Coordinator.

In other updates, Vander Plaats said that in discussion with the City Engineer, the City will likely be updating Subdivision Regulations later this spring. The comprehensive plan process has begun; the city has distributed a survey to all property owners in Lennox, and plan to mail surveys to rural landowners that are within the 3-mile jurisdiction for planning.

Vander Plaats said he will be reviewing the list of tasks with the team to get the park in shape. The concessions stand should be completed soon.

Vander Plaats is also working with Community Partners Research, Inc. on designing the Housing Study and gathering the necessary information.

Gulbranson then gave his water report to the council. He stated that the recent rain event produced a tremendous amount of work. The electrical issues at the main lift station have been resolved. Gulbranson said he and Vander Plaats met with a company last week about securing a guaranteed response time for a new pump if the city were to have lift station failure.

“We’re trying to be proactive,” he said.

Gulbranson said the pool demolition is underway, adding the walls were very well-built but the demo crew was working through the challenge.

Street sweeping in the City of Lennox was also underway Gulbranson said.

The City of Lennox Facebook page stated that 15 tons were cleaned off of the city streets in just one morning of street sweeping.

Mayor Tracy West addressed Gulbranson Monday, saying, “I just want to thank you and your crew for the work that you guys have been putting in with the last rain event—with massive amounts of water, with the system going down on you; being able to respond and minimize the damage is so impressive to me… Looking at not only what is the problem, but what the future is, and what you can do to help… getting the back up in place… it’s really appreciated by myself and it should be by the community.”

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