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Long-time pool player donates table in honor of his wife

A love for his wife and a love for playing pool led Larry Nordman to donate a pool table to Lennox Assisted Living.

Nordman, 83, lost his wife of 64 years, Dorothy, last July after a brief battle with a rare cancer. Nordman has since moved into Lennox Assisted Living and found out the facility had been searching for a pool table for a few years.

“When I moved in here, they said they’d been looking for a pool table for a couple years and could never get one so I decided I would buy this pool table and donate it to them in memory of Dorothy,” he said.

Nordman learned how to play pool when he was 10 years old. He would come in the back door of the pool hall in Lennox and he could play a game of pool for a nickel. He played pool until he met Dorothy when he was 18 and she was 16, then he was more interested in her.

“So, then I never played pool again until 1978. One night we were downtown and a guy says, ‘Will you sub for me on a pool league?’ I said I’d sub, but never did sub - played full-fledged every night,” he said.

Nordman has played pool competitively ever since and for 34 years was head of the Lennox Area Pool League. While his wife did not play pool, she did help him with his league duties and enjoyed going along to watch.

Nordman saved a number of pool trophies he won over the years and displays them in his room. However, a photo of the trophy his team won in Sioux Falls sits in the room near the pool table. That is one first place trophy he is particularly proud of.

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