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City election to be held in Lennox April 9

The second meeting of the month was held Monday night for the Lennox City Council. Although no visitors were there to be heard, Councilman Chad Wulf took a moment to commend city police officers, staff and all members of the school district while dealing with the issues that arose last week.

Council approved the minutes of Feb. 11, the amended minutes of Jan. 28 regular meeting and the claims as presented.

The deadline for filing petitions for the upcoming municipal election was this past Friday, Feb. 22. During Monday night’s Lennox City Council meeting, City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats shared with the council that the following candidate petitions were received on time and confirmed to have the appropriate amount and composition of signatures:

Ward 1: Chad Wulf

Ward 2: Brock Rops

Ward 3: Sam Bowers

Ward 3: Bobbi Wendt

The election for the Ward 3 seat is scheduled to take place April 9.

Also in Vander Plaats reports he touched on the recent snow removal complaints.

He stated, “As all council members are aware, we had a slow start to our snow removal process this past week with a large snowfall. This created multiple difficulties for residents, and City Hall fielded a fair number of calls with regard to snow removal. As city administrator, the buck stops with me and a public apology was issued on social media and our website. We will continue to work to improve our snow response and follow the recently adopted snow removal procedures.”

Vander Plaats also said he is meeting with James Straatmeyer from Integrated Technology and Security to discuss options and capabilities with respect to live streaming and recording city council and other meetings.

He also said with the help of the Lennox Commercial Club, the City of Lennox will be submitting a request to the S.D. Department of Transportation in the coming week that will allow the city to place five park benches along the Highway 44 and Highway 17 recreation trails.

After approving the city administrator’s report, council heard from Lennox Finance Officer Denise Hanson.

Hanson presented the council with a trial balance report. Also available to the public on the city website (www.cityof under agendas, minutes and videos.

She said, “I would like feedback on what you would like to see.”

Council approved the financial reports as presented.

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