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School Board approves administrative contracts

Holds discussion on School Resource Officer

The Lennox School Board of Education held their monthly meeting on Feb. 11th. The meeting started out with Superintendent Chad Conaway thanking the school board members for their dedication to the work they do and for their leadership in the District. Conaway shared cards made by students in the district and treats provided by the parent-teacher organizations in Lennox and Worthing. Current school board members and their time on the board include: Heidi Bowers, two years; Renae Buehner, seven years; Merris Miller, nine years; Nancy Nelson, nine years; Sandy Poppenga, eight years, Alan Rops, 15 years; Scott Sandal, two years.

High School Special Education Teacher Kendra Shade spoke to the board about the PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) curriculum that has been implemented in the high school. This lab is used to assess a student’s competitive work potential and interest level, while simultaneously exploring various jobs, using real tools, and developing proper work behaviors. Shade said the students are enjoying the hands-on program and all 40 of the special education students within the high school participate in a lab. She said that “jobs” vary from wrapping hamburgers to wiring doorbells. Shade explained that once they complete a job level students can move on to the harder level, stating that it’s for all ability levels.

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