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VerHey retires from Postal Service after 28 years

A familiar face that some residents were used to seeing by their mailboxes has hung up his keys after nearly three decades of delivering mail. Sherwin VerHey has retired from the United States Postal Service after being a carrier for 28 1/2 years of service.

VerHey got his start back in November, 1991 at the Post Office. After staff at the Post Office retired, VerHey was asked if he knew the Post Master in Worthing, Lyle Lyons and if he was interested in joining. Since he knew Lyons well, VerHey started subbing and after five years, a couple of full-time employees left and VerHey stepped up to the plate full-time, which he has been doing ever since.

VerHey has been delivering mail to the same route for his entire career. Aside from some modifications to the route throughout the years, as it was modified with parts being added or dropped off by the Postal Service, VerHey’s route consisted of delivering mail on all the sides of Worthing, with a run South of Lennox, which was an 122 mile endeavor that consisted of mostly gravel roads. With that much driving on gravel, VerHey explained that he went through at least seven or eight vehicles throughout his career, with most of them being put out of commission at about 300,000 miles.

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