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Out with the old, in with the new: Council accepts pool demolition quote

Visions of summertime fun at the pool are closer to becoming reality for families in Lennox as the City Council took two new steps to get the ball moving on the new pool.

First things first, the old pool at Westerman Park needs to be removed before the construction of the new pool can begin.

Previously in 2018, the council accepted a bid from Carrothers Construction for the new pool, however, the demolition was not included in the work to be done by Carrothers.

To get this done, Utilities Superintendent and Pool Project Manager Jeremy Gulbranson contacted three contractors to ask for estimates; C. Dillon Digging, Tipton Digging, and 3-D Digging were all contacted by Gulbranson. Of those three, only C. Dillon Digging responded to Gulbranson by the time of the January 14 City Council meeting.

The estimate from C.Dillon was $34,985.00 with a sales tax of $713.69 at a rate of 2.04% applied to bring the total up to $35,698.69.

Included in the estimate is the demolition of the pool, kiddie pool, bath house, and the existing sidewalk and fencing.

The council discussed the possibility of keeping the slides to be removed and stored for future use instead of having them demoed alongside the other features. The council had a consensus during the discussion that saving the slides would be the best course of action.

In addition to accepting the estimate from C. Dillon, the council was presented with a modification to a Preliminary design-build agreement that was submitted by Carrothers. The agreement goes into detail about work, such as soil testing, site surveys, site plans, and design modifications that need to be done. According to information presented to the council, the cost of this portion of the project is stated to be $65,000.

(Photo by Michael Bauman)

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