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Worthing City Commission discusses Civic Center

At the Jan. 7 Worthing City Commission meeting, commissioners discussed what to do for the Civic Center.

Mayor Brad Hazuka said their last option to get something done with the roof this year is to try to get a loan. Commissioner Crystal Jacobson suggested they make what to do with the roof and Civic Center a ballot question during the April city election. The commission approved letting citizens vote on the matter during the April election.

Finance officer Linda Hunnel said she and maintenance lead Jake Haar will testify at the failure to obtain a building permit trial Jan. 10.

Haar reported they installed three bunker blocks at West Fourth Street and Maple. They seem to be working. They are manufacturing a new push arm for the wing on the plow truck. Lennox borrowed the sander Jan. 1 and Haar sanded in Lennox for a couple of hours Jan. 2. They have been working with property owners on sump pump drainage.

Hunnel said they will review the Humane Society ordinance Jan. 22. The next city commission meeting will remain Jan. 21 even though it is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Hunnel noted that someone dropped cash in the city’s dropbox but staff could not find it anywhere in City Hall. They are encouraging people not to pay with cash.

The commission moved to have the city election the second Tuesday in April.

Stockwell Engineers will be at the Jan. 21 meeting for an engineering update and information about the water tower painting.

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