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Worthing third graders mix up some holiday cheer

Last week the Worthing Elementary third grade class took part in a

community service project, making homemade treats for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

Teacher Tara Drake said this is the first year the class has done this. Drake has been teaching for ten years. She was assisted with the special project by classroom volunteer Carol Zingler.

Zingler has completed this project with other classrooms in the Lennox School District during previous school years. She shared a special recipe that included common, healthy household food supplies that cats and dogs enjoy baked into the special treats. The class was also treated to hot chocolate and a candy cane treat from Mrs. Zingler.

Third grade student Carson Fjelstad said that it is important to donate to the Sioux Falls Human Society, “So that the dog and cats who don’t have homes can get some Christmas presents and treats.”

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