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Solutions discussed for destroyed flower beds

The Petal Pals let their voices be heard to the City Council on Tuesday, November 13. They gathered to address the council regarding their concerns about the lack of action by the City for damage that was done to one of their projects during Main Street construction.

Kim Kock was the spokesperson for the group and presented to the council what had happened to the Petal Pals’ work during construction that took place in the city park. A letter to the editor on the issue was also published in the Lennox Independent on Nov. 1.

According to Kock, several flower beds were destroyed without any forewarning to the Petal Pals. When the beds were torn up a variety of things were destroyed, including cement pavers, heirloom peonies, flower bulbs, and the water irrigation system.

According to the Petal Pals, several thousands of dollars of damage was done to their beds. The items at the bed were bought originally by the Petal Pals themselves with earnings from their annual plant sales and donations that were given by members.

The Petal Pals had previously attended a City Council meeting back on October 23, 2017, and according to their letter to the editor, “We were told not to worry because they would take care of the destruction that had occurred.”

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