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Local business celebrates unusual tradition - 'Shoot the Minnow' in 10th year

Things have been getting a bit fishy in Lennox for the past decade. The Only One Bar and Grill is hosting its 10th annual ‘Shoot the Minnow’ event. Every year around Easter and Thanksgiving the Only One offers up the chance to do these unique shots.

Yes, the event is exactly what it sounds like; patrons are offered the chance to drink a shot with a live minnow placed inside it.

For those of you who are reading this after Thanksgiving, with belly full of turkey and perhaps minnows, the event took place on Wednesday, November 21, while those who are reading this early on Wednesday still have the opportunity to head out to the Only One to try to ‘Shoot the Minnow.’

“As long as you know how to do a shot, you don’t even know the minnow is in there,” explained Lindsay Lawrence of the Only One.

As for where the idea to start up this event ten years ago came from, Jill and Lindsay went to a bar in Minnesota for an anniversary party and were inspired by the minnow shots that they had there.

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