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Lennox Police Department vehicles receive safety and security upgrades

While being placed in the back of a police car is not an enjoyable thing to think about, the Lennox Police Department made various upgrades that will make such an experience safer for both those being detained and for the officers involved.

The two squad cars in the department were given updates that focused around safety and security, including added storage, additional barriers, and strategically placed items. Starting from back to front, the vehicle that was shown to The Lennox Independent, the Lennox Department’s day cruiser, features a sturdy partition to divide the trunk away from the middle row seating. This is to keep suspects from trying to crawl into the trunk space.

The trunks now feature storage boxes that help to organize equipment and to keep them secure and from flying around the cabin in the event of an accident. In addition, these boxes lock to add an extra layer of security to assist officers when they’re responding to a scene.

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