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Lennox Council approves issuance of bonds for pool project

The Lennox City Council made quick work of their second meeting of the month, adding one item to the agenda under new business, 6. B. Resolution 2018-10-22-02 Resolution to approve issuance of bonds and Post Issuance Compliance Doc, Exhibit A.

After the agenda was approved Mayor Tracy West offered his thanks to the staff on behalf of himself and other council members, for their recent Facebook posts on the City of Lennox official Facebook page.

“I appreciate the staff’s effort with what they have been putting out on Facebook…. I encourage you to keep that up. The things that affect our plant negatively the public needs to know,” West said.

Likely, the note of thanks was in response to several posts about wastewater treatment that garnered a couple of negative comments on the social media platform. One post contained a photo of tampon strings that were pulled from a pump.

Under visitors to be heard, a property owner in the Meadows addressed the council regarding his concern about the town-home that is being built by the Lennox Area Development Corporation next to his property. His concerns included the length of time it has taken, the erosion and silt problem that he says it has caused. He also questioned if it was a conflict of interest in having employees of Rob Huber, President of the LADC, do the concrete work.

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