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Pool demolition under discussion

The Lennox Council waded through a discussion on how to progress with the demolition of the old pool to make way for the brand new pool that was approved by voters during this month’s recent election.

Britney Mower of the Lennox Pool Committee attended the council meeting to discuss the pool with the council. The intent of this portion of the agenda was to be purely informational.

The council discussed how a whole host of items need to be completed before construction can begin on the pool. Things such as soil testing, inspections, any possible design changes, and so forth were stated as needing to be completed before the ball can get rolling.

According to Finance Manager Donna Houck, “We have a lot of stuff that needs to be done before construction is going to start.”

The council particularly discussed with Mower about the soil sample. Mower had discussed with the council whether a previous soil sample that was taken within the last two years, so within the range of expiration, would be sufficient. No definite answer was given by the council, but rather this was discussed as something to think about as progress starts moving. It’s worth noting that if another sample ends up being needed, however, the soil testing will have to be done by someone other than the hired construction firm because of a conflict of interest.

Mower also discussed the possibility of different types of sponsorship campaigns to help grow the amount of non-taxpayer funded money for the pool. Aside from the large scale campaign, where she plans on visiting local businesses and so forth, Mower and the council talked about the possibility of an account being set up for donations. No firm decision was made on this, with Mower and Houck talking about the need to discuss this in the future.

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