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Preparing for the unthinkable

School shooting. It’s those two words that no one wants to read in a headline. However, active shooter situations have dominated the news within the last decade. Rather than being paranoid and letting fear rule, local school districts have been turning to a strategy of being prepared and proactive by implementing ALICE training.

Teachers and staff members from all the schools in the Lennox School District met together at the high school on Friday, October 5, to learn from Russ Nelson, certified ALICE trainer, about important techniques and tactics that can help their students and themselves stay safe in case the unthinkable ever would happen.

Founded by Greg Crane, ALICE is meant to improve the chances of survival in an active shooter situation by empowering people with the knowledge to make safe and effective decisions. According to the ALICE Training Institutes’ website, ALICE training has the following goal, “Our vision is to empower all citizens with the skills and knowledge to respond when shots are fired. If the police cannot be there in time to help, the next best thing is to prepare our civilian population to help themselves until public safety arrives.”

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