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Three small buses lost in fire

On September 30, the Lennox Fire Department was busy putting out a three vehicle fire with the help of area departments. The fire occurred at the intersection of 466th Street and 277th Street.

Lennox, Tea, Chancellor, and Parker departments all responded.

According to Fire Chief Wayne Fischer, 12 emergency response vehicles and 35 firefighters were on the scene, with 15 of those firefighters from the other departments responding as mutual aid alongside 20 Lennox firefighters.

The department received the call at 8:44 pm about the fire and the last unit left the scene at 11:10 pm.

The area of origin was reported to be near three buses, which were the main items damaged in the fire. Metal buildings to the south of the fire had heat and flame damage, but were not destroyed.

The buses that were destroyed were not large full size busses. But instead these were smaller buses that were stored in that area and had been previously used as a party bus rental.

Before any units arrived, power lines had already been burnt off West of the buses. These lines were located approximately 10 feet from the buses and were reported to be still arching and creating flashes by both the fire department and multiple people on social media.

The cause of the fire is currently undetermined.

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