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Lennox voters support new pool

The vote for a new swimming pool in Lennox was successful on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

According to unofficial election results, by a vote of 422 (yes) to 166 (no), citizens in the City of Lennox supported the $1.7 million bond for a swimming pool to be constructed at Westerman Park in Lennox. The bond passed by 71.8% with a voter turnout of 39.3%.

It was just one year ago when a bond election for a new pool failed, but determined proponents for a pool did not give up on the idea. After a survey sent to citizens in Lennox determined support existed for a pool but at a lower cost than what was voted on in 2017, the City Council, along with the newly formed pool committee, invited Carrothers Construction Company to present a project that would meet the foreseeable growth of the community, but reduce cost.

This time around, the special election was for a pool project valued at nearly $1 million less than last year.

Carrothers has designed a pool to fit within the current pool footprint, while also accommodating the foreseeable growth with the capacity of 265 patrons. The design includes a bath house, zero-depth entry (ADA compliant) and a diving board for the new pool. Construction is expected to begin in early Spring 2019. The new pool should be open late summer 2019. The pool committee is also working on grants that would be applied to the project once it’s underway.

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