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Heavy rain results in flooded streets

The sun has been a rare sight this past week as a persistent rainfall pattern decided to hang around the area. Lennox and the surrounding area received a large amount of rain, resulting in soaked yards, flooded fields, and water covered roads.

According to the National Weather Service of Sioux Falls, Lennox acquired roughly 5 to 6 inches of rainfall during a 72 hour period from September 18 -21.

Multiple streets were flooded around the area, including E Boynton Avenue near Casey’s in Lennox. A barricade was placed briefly due to running water rushing over the road.

According to the City of Lennox’s official Facebook page, the wastewater treatment facility was receiving 200,000 gallons per day, which is over the design capacity. The page also posted that flows at the peak of the rain event were around three million gallons in a 24 hour period and that in order to handle that large flow that the city would have needed a plant five times the size of the current one.

During the excessive flow, residents were asked to reduce their water consumption to minimize the strain on the overloaded sewer system. In addition, residents were reminded that sump pumps are not to be drained directly into the city system.

Above: E Boynton Avenue was closed briefly after being flooded out.

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