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Lennox Fire purchases new thermal imaging cameras thanks to Oltmanns’ estate donation

Lennox volunteer firefighters are now able to utilize the latest in thermal imaging cameras, thanks to a generous donation from the Elroy and Rosella Oltmanns’ estate.

The Elroy and Rosella Oltmanns’ estate recently donated $23,275 to the Lennox Volunteer Fire Department. With the funds, Fire Chief Wayne Fischer said the department was able to purchase three new thermal imaging cameras, complete with vehicle mounted chargers.

The Oltmanns were well known in the Lennox community. Elroy passed away on Oct. 30, 2010 due to injuries received in an accidental fall in August of 2010. His wife Rosella passed away on Jan. 7, 2017.

Elroy and Rosella were married on October 17, 1957 at the Presbyterian parsonage in Lennox. Soon after getting married, they farmed southwest of Lennox and then northeast of Lennox, moving into Lennox in 1999.

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