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Local business helps South Dakota business owners

Jacqueline Rust, of Lennox, started her new business OnSite State Tax LLC in January of 2018. Most of her business is conducted on site, where her customers keep their records, but she also has an office in her home at 425 S. Cherry St., Lennox.

Onsite State Tax provides sales tax and contractors excise tax return preparation, records maintenance, collections assistance, audit assistance, and state tax training.

“I believe in South Dakota’s business owners,” said Rust, “I have worked with so many over the years that are well intentioned, great at what they do and loyal to their customers. I was compelled to join their ranks and offer an insight to their Sales and Excise Taxes that was previously unavailable. When a company can file State Returns precisely, it eliminates the fear of State Audit, much in the same way as having a CPA file your Federal Return.”

Rust works with only South Dakota customers, she said, “because that is my scope of knowledge and my passion.”

She follows legislative updates and keeps in contact with the SD Department of Revenue to make sure that she has the most updated tax law information to properly serve her customers.

“Getting behind in filing returns can result in costly interest and penalty charges,” Rust said, “Errors in filing can also quickly add up and when a three year audit periods uncovers mistakes, interest and penalty is added to that as well. The best way to prevent unexpected State Tax expenses is to ensure your filing is precise the first time.”

Prior to starting her own business, Rust was a Senior Revenue Agent at the South Dakota Department of Revenue specializing in civil and criminal collections for the State.

“I also provided educational seminars to business owners, industry groups and law enforcement agencies,” she added.

Rust is a member of the Homebuilders Association of the Sioux Empire, South Dakota Retailers Association, and the South Dakota state employee organization.

Rust is married to Courtney Rust, Owner of CR Construction. They have three children, Mitchell (17), Ashlynn (15) and Lincoln (9). They enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, geocaching and any other reason to be outdoors.

To contact OnSite State Tax LLC call 605-728-2123, email or visit her website

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