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Lennox Council refines nuisance complaint procedure

Lennox City Council held their first regular meeting of the month on Monday night, Councilmen Brock Rops and Billy Welch were absent.

Under visitors to be heard, citizen Frank Jacobson asked about the recent sale of street repair equipment and what the city’s plan was for maintaining the streets.

Mayor Tracy West said that the equipment that was surplused was found not to be reliable/usable, and added that the city is working towards a comprehensive plan.

“We’re looking for a comprehensive plan that is going to incorporate sewer and water systems underneath,” West said, “I don’t think we will get all of the potholes repaired this year… hopefully in the near future we can address the roads in a more systematic fashion.”

Council approved the minutes, June revenue and expenditure reports, June payroll and June Ambulance reports without discussion. The claims and consent agenda were also approved.

The council acted on a Variance Request from Paul and Becky Schulz, at 120 N. Cherry Street. The property owner was requesting to construct a 12x24 storage/yard shed with a concrete foundation in their backyard. The owner requested the hard surface access drive requirements be waived due to property constraints. A representative from SECOG was also present to assist the council with this decision.

Paul Schulz explained he moved to town a year ago and he wants more storage on his property. He provided pictures and plans for the proposed shed.

Mayor West stressed that the variance request had to meet all of the requirements.

Shulz said, “I moved to this town thinking that we could get away from all the Sioux Falls, big city code. I have a big, oversized lot, I didn’t think this was going to be a concern.”

West said that when he talked to the Planning and Zoning, they were not in favor of approving the variance. The variance was denied.

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