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Heavy rains drench area

Last week heavy rains hit southeast South Dakota causing extensive flooding in the area. On the morning of June 21, the National Weather Service reported 4.95 inches in Worthing, SD in 24 hours. Lennox residents reported anywhere from 5 to 7 inches.

These record rainfalls created some impassible roads in the rural areas, flooded fields and issues for area home-owners.

For some in the area though, rather than focus on the negative, residents tried to make the best of the situation. A group of local farmers, including Brock Hoogestraat and Josh Wiebesiek, headed near the Davis area for some ditch water-skiing. Hoogestraat said they’re not the first to try this, but the first to catch it all on video, which by Monday had nearly 30,000 views on Facebook.

He added, “We just try to stay positive.”

Tom and Adam Wiebesiek also did some kayaking that day, much like Mahli and Abbie Strasser, daughters of Bryce and Marne Strasser.

Strasser said their field north of their home flooded and the girls were able to get out in the kayaks. Although it’s flooded in that area before, it was the first time they went kayaking there.

Another local resident voiced his concern over the flooding.

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